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Happy Easter , here are our opening hours – plus some Cat and Dog health warnings for Easter.

Carton Vet Clinic Maynooth will close early today  25th May 2016 (Good Friday) at 5pm. We are open as usual tomorrow Easter Saturday from 9am to 4pm. We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday and reopen as usual at 9am on Tuesday morning

Read on for our Easter health message for Dog and Cat owners.

One little Easter message for dog owners. remember that chocolate can be toxic to dogs, so safest thing is not to give them any.

If your dog eats a tiny bit of chocolate don’t panic but if it has a large amount it may be quite sick. What matters is the size of the dog, the amount of chocolate and the type of chocolate.

So dark chocolate or cooking chocolate is the most dangerous. Large amounts are more dangerous than small amounts. And small dogs would be more at risk of chocolate toxicity than large ones.A small dog eating a large amount of dark chocolate could become quite sick, where as a large dog eating a small amount of milk chocolate will probably be ok – but the safest thing to do is give them none at all!

If you are concerned about your pet over the bank holiday and the clinic is closed please call the Pet Emergency Hospital on 012609920

For cat owners – something to be aware of is that all part of the lilly flower and plant  are toxic to cats. Now cats usually are fairly careful about what they eat so it is not a major worry. That said if the brush up against the plant they can ingest some when grooming. Also kittens who can be a bit more inquisitive by nature sometimes will nibble on a plant just to investigate. So if you love cats avoid lillys.

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