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Looking for a vet for your pet in Maynooth – you need to read this post!

Unlimited free vet visits one of the many benefits of our subscription plans!

We like to do things a little differently at Carton Vets in Maynooth. Last year we introduced the very popular concept of unlimited free visits vet visits for a fixed low monthly fee. This allows you to spread the cost of veterinary care over 12 months and allows you to save money.

All our subscription plans include

  • vaccinations – all routine vaccines including kennel cough for dogs and FeLV for cats
  • free vet checks (excludes medications)
  • annual blood test
  • discounts on other services such as x-rays and blood tests

Never delay another visit!

All too often we see pets that are 3 days sicker than they should be. With our subscription service there is never a need to delay on your veterinary visits or routine vaccine visits.

Also as part of our plans we do annual blood checks to help us find problems early when we have a better chance of making a difference.

Our subscription plans cover all routine vaccine visits, appointments to see the vet are free of charge – you pay only for medication or further tests or treatments if required.

At Carton Vets in Maynooth our vets spend 100% of the working day in the clinic working with pets. This means that your pets are our only priority.

New plans with added benefits coming soon

We are shortly going to launch a new range of plans with added benefits. More news from Carton Vets  in the next week or so.


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