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New Year’s Resolutions for Pets!

Puppy new years resolutions

Puppy new years resolutions


What New Year’s resolution list doesn’t start with exercise?

Get out and walk your dog more – Why not find some nice new walks for your pet – Castletown House in Celbridge is always a good spot, as is Carton House in Maynooth. If you are looking for a nice off lead area to socialise your dog try St.Catherines Park in Lucan. For cat owners here are some ideas to encourage your cat to become more active.

  1. Better diet

No new year’s resolution list wouldn’t be complete without it!

Feed the highest quality pet food that you can. It can make a huge difference to health and quality of life of your pet. We seeing an increase in overweight pets and we know the impact that obesity can have on conditions like arthritis and diabetes. It is best to measure out your pet’s food portion daily. This ensures you know how much your pet is eating and if there might be a problem with their health. Staff at Carton Vets Maynooth are happy to give you professional advice on what is best for your pet.

  1. More fun – less stress!

Spend time playing with your pet. Maybe teach them some new tricks. A great way to relax and bond with your pet. More time spent with pets is as good for us as it is for them. Stroking a pet has been shown to reduce blood pressure and keep stress levels down.

  1. Look after your pet’s health – bit boring but important.

Commit to  regular check ups for your pet  with our vets. Early detection is key in keeping pets as healthy as possible. We pick up problems that owners were often unaware of in about 1 in every 4 routine health checks. Yearly blood work as well as just having a vet perform a physical exam on your pet can tell so many things. Why not sign your pet up to one of our health plans – unlimited free check ups, annual vaccines and annual blood check are included in our basic plans. Our plans provide exceptional value and help you spread the cost of your vet bills. You can sign up at . Also ensure your pets are free from parasites – our team will give you the best advice on worm and flea prevention.

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