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Hospitalised Pets

When your pet is unwell and we need to admit him/her to hospital

Carton Vets Hospitalised PetsOccasionally with very unwell pets or those who have had an accident we will want to admit them to Carton Vet Clinic for further tests or treatments. We know how worrying this is for pet owners and we will keep in regular contact with you.  We aim to get your pet home as soon as possible.

If your pet does have to stay with us, rest assured that he/she will be kept as comfortable as possible. Our nurses and vets will keep you informed of progress.  Some pets will be on intravenous fluids while staying in the clinic, which means a little shaved patch on their paw after they go home.

Carton Vets Hospitalised PetsInpatients are brought outside for a short walk if they are able for it several times per day. We feed our sick pets soft palatable food while they are with us, often coaxing them to take their first meal using reliable old chicken!

Sometimes there is a protest when they go home and normal food is resumed! Our nurses and vets give each pet the time and attention they deserve until they are well enough to go home, keeping you informed every step of the way.

I’ve been a client of Carton Veterinary Clinic since I moved to Ireland February 2012 with two dogs and two cats. The staff is highly professional and everybody is very friendly. They helped me cope with the trauma of having my 15.5yr old dog to sleep and I can only recommend them!
Alexandra Margalith, Maynooth