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Laboratory Tests

What if your pet has to have some tests?

Blood Tests

Lab Tests, Maynooth, Celbridge, Kilcock, Dunboyne, Kilcloon, Lexlip, Clane, Straffan, Ardclough, Lucan, KildareWe commonly run blood tests in Carton Vet Clinic. There are many different reasons we blood test- from diagnosing diabetes to checking for anaemia.  Because our patients are generally hairier than their human counterparts we usually have to shave some fur to allow us to find a vein! Owners can expect a small shaved patch on their pet’s paw or neck depending on which site we use to collect our sample.

Like human medicine some cold alcohol is applied to the skin for sterility purposes and to help numb it before we take the sample. Your pet just feels a little pinch and for the most part they are very tolerant of us! Unlike the doctor, our vets will generally offer a treat post blood test!

Carton Vets are fortunate to have some excellent blood testing machines so for many tests we are able to deliver results to our clients on the same day.

We also use an external laboratory for the more complex blood tests we require, like allergy testing. A courier comes to Maynooth every day to collect any samples we might have. The laboratory we use is very efficient, emailing results to us promptly ensuring we can contact our pet owners as soon as possible. Costs of blood tests vary depending on what we are checking for – we are happy to discuss costs with you for blood tests where they are appropriate.

Laboratory Tests, Maynooth, Celbridge, Kilcock, Dunboyne, Kilcloon, Lexlip, Clane, Straffan, Ardclough, Lucan, Kildare

Skin Tests

We see huge numbers of skin cases in Carton Vet Clinic. Dogs and cats are very prone to skin problems and there are many causes. Often when we are treating pets who are itchy we will do some skin scrapings and hair plucks, searching for deep burrowing mites not seen with the naked eye. These tiny parasites look quite shocking under a microscope! We also sometimes take skin biopsies or swabs to help us figure out what is wrong with your pet.

Urine Samples

It is not unusual for us to request a urine sample from a dog or cat. Urine can be used to check for infection, urinary crystals, signs of diabetes and much more.

Generally we send an owner home with a sampling kit and ask that they try to take a morning sample for us. It can be tricky so please ask for tips! We then ask that they drop the sample into us as soon as possible after collection. We can really learn quite a lot about our pet’s health from a little pee sample!

If you cannot manage to get a urine sample from your pet please give us a call- we’re happy to help.

The Carton Veterinary Clinic and adjoining grooming parlour have always taken great care of our two dogs and two cats. Last year they detected and successfully treated a rare condition affecting one of our dogs. We are grateful for their meticulous reminders about boosters and other medications due. In brief, we have great trust in a professional Staff which has consistently shown itself ready to address our concerns.

Dennis and Bernadette Hainsworth