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Visiting the Nurse

What to expect when visiting the nurse!

Carton Vets Visiting The NurseWe have three vet nurses at Carton Veterinary Clinic in Maynooth – Rita, Christine and Debra. All of our nurses are pet owners and know what it is like to worry about a sick animal.

Our nurses will usually see pets for post surgery checks and suture removal. They also trim nails, empty anal glands and administer medicines especially if you need a little help. Our nurses have an excellent nutritional knowledge and can advise on diet and feeding regimes. Please ask a nurse about what is the best food for your kitten or puppy. If you feel your pet may be over or underweight book a free weight check with one of our nurses. They will assess your pet’s body condition score, weight and help you reach a new target.

What owners don’t see is the ‘behind the scenes’ work that our nurses do. They get to know individual animals and their owners. They will be able to tell us which pet likes a particular food, which pets get nervous and which pets are normally happy and relaxed in the clinic.

Nurses are also responsible for monitoring patients, monitoring anaesthetics and ensuring patients get their prescribed meds. No modern vet clinic survives without excellent nurses and ours are among the best!